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 about ESTOVAN 

Height: 135cm   |   Eye Color:  Brown  |   Hair Color: Black

A talented child actor with extensive acting skills and a natural ability to play a broad spectrum of characters. From fun to emotional roles, Estovan delivers them with perfection in the various forms of media he is involved in. Besides his vast experiences, Estovan possesses an excellent memory, which enables him to have flawless skills in delivering dialogues. With his immense experience in acting on screen and stage, he always performs beyond expectations and never fails to impress his audience. Check out some of his merits below, or download his full resume!



MediaCorp Channel 8  |   《非常一班》   |   2021  |   Main Lead

MediaCorp Channel 5  |  Scoop! Horrible Humans  |   2021  |  Main Child Lead

MediaCorp Channel 8  |  《天空渐渐亮》  |   2019  |   Main Child Lead


mm2 Entertainment & Clover Film  |  《男儿王》 |  2020  |  Main Child Lead

Viddsee  |  Silence  |  2020  |  Main Child Lead

ZOMG Films  |  Boba Love  |  2020  |  Main Child Lead


NDP   |   National Day Parade  |  2017 & 2020  |   Main Child Lead

W!LD RICE  |  Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens  |  2019  |  Main Child Lead

AMcreative  | 《我的妈妈是ENY》 |  2018  |  Main Child Lead


Singapore Police Force   |  "Always Here For You" Music Video  |  2020  |  Main Child Lead

Science Centre Singapore   |  Spark Your Curiosity & Ignite Your Wonder at the Science Centre Singapore  |  2020  |  Main Child Lead

MOE Singapore  |  The Speech  |  2019  |  Main Child Lead​


Wonderful Child’s Voice International Competition |

Shanghai | Honorary Award for Excellent Singer

The Muse International Competition | Athens | 

Honorary Diploma Award for Solo Musical Theatre

Brilliant Talent Discovery Awards International Music Competition |

Silver and Special Prize Award for Musical Theatre for Solo Performer

Zhongxin International Singing Competition |

1st Prize and Best Performance Prize for Solo Performer

American Protégé | New York Carnegie Hall | 1st Prize Winner

Sheng Siong Competition | 3rd Prize Winner








Playing the piano

Playing the guitar



English: Fluent

Chinese: Fluent

 Download Full Resume 

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